The Amber Trust

Charity Number: 1050503

Anni Martin

0300 3239964

64a Princes Way, London, SW19 6JF

The Amber Trust was founded in 1995 to help blind and partially sighted children across the UK, who have a talent or love for music. We believe that visual impairment and other disabilities should not prevent children and young people accessing appropriate musical opportunities.

The Amber Trust’s vision is for blind and partially sighted children, including those with additional disabilities, to have the best possible chance to meet their musical needs and aspirations and fulfil their potential. Amber helps enrich the lives of these children by supporting and developing their musical abilities.

Many families in the UK who care for one of the 25,000 children with little or no sight, live in relative poverty and cannot afford to give them the musical experiences that can transform their lives. The Amber Trust provides grants to these children for music lessons, instruments, specialist equipment and concert visits. We also run family music services for babies and toddlers up to the age of 5, and for older children between age 5 and 18, who also have complex needs.

Legacies ensure access to music opportunities for visually impaired children now and into the future.

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